Véronique Vienne

The Self-Taught Design Critic. [...]

Véronique Vienne was a magazine art director in the USA when she began to write to better analyze and understand the work of the graphic designers, illustrators and photographers who collaborated with her.

Today she writes books and conducts workshops on design criticism as a creative tool.


Voir, regarder, apprécier : tout un programme. [...]

Véronique Vienne a été directrice artistique aux USA avant de commencer a écrire pour mieux comprendre ce que faisaient les graphistes, illustrateurs et photographes avec qui elle collaborait.

Aujourd’hui elle écrit des livres et anime des sessions de travail sur la critique du design graphique comme outil de création.

Paris Was Ours

L'argent Is No Object

I interrupted her: Tell me again. Why exactly am I supposed to put money away? Her jaw dropped. Excuse me? she said. She had managed my portfolio for more than ten years and not once had I expressed doubts about the need to plan for the future nor unhappiness regarding her long-term investment strategy. Why not spend my capital now, while I am still in good health? I asked. She hesitated. Was I joking? Momentarily deranged? Exhibiting early signs of Alzheimer’s? She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. But I made no move to get her off the hook. She groped for an answer. Opened her mouth. Forced a smile. You are kidding, of course, she said.
In retrospect, I remember this uncomfortable pause as the exact
moment when I made up my mind to move back to Paris.

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L'argent Is No Object is the first of a collection of essays, edited by Penelope Rowlands, 2011

"L'argent Is No Object" is the first of a collection of essays, edited by Penelope Rowlands, 2011