Véronique Vienne

The Self-Taught Design Critic. [...]

Véronique Vienne was a magazine art director in the USA when she began to write to better analyze and understand the work of the graphic designers, illustrators and photographers who collaborated with her.

Today she writes books and conducts workshops on design criticism as a creative tool.


Voir, regarder, apprécier : tout un programme. [...]

Véronique Vienne a été directrice artistique aux USA avant de commencer a écrire pour mieux comprendre ce que faisaient les graphistes, illustrateurs et photographes avec qui elle collaborait.

Aujourd’hui elle écrit des livres et anime des sessions de travail sur la critique du design graphique comme outil de création.

French Style: How to think, shop and dress like a French woman

Designed by Stephen Doyle, with illustrations by Ward Schumaker, published by Express (1996)

To Florence, my big sister, who tells me what not to wear.
To Carole, my younger sister, who tells
me where to go—and then drives me there.
To Perrine,
my youngest sister, who just smiles and shrugs her shoulders.
/>This romp through centuries of French fashion and savoir-faire is dedicated to you, and to my American girlfriends who didn’t have the good fortune of having chic and sassy Parisian siblings.